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I have a question, who should I contact?

You can call the help line from 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday at 0203 808 9532.

Outside of these hours, you can reach us by email (assistance@daktari.com) or by postal mail (DAKTARI -10 avenue Pasteur - 59130 Lambersart - FRANCE). 

Who are Graine de Moutarde products intended for?

The brand Graine de Moutarde aims to enable denominational associations to collect funds to help finance their projects. So anyone with a link to a parish, school, community or association can buy our products to resell them. There are countless opportunities : a gathering, celebration, at the end of Mass, a Christmas market, a fair, a monastic shop etc.

Our customers are:

Parishes and chaplaincies (priests and catechists)

Catholic schools


Youth movements: Scouts, church youth clubs

Spiritual movements: evangelical groups

Solidarity associations


Catholic congregations 

Sanctuaries and their shops

Religious monuments conservation associations

What is the social and solidarity economy?

"The social and solidarity economy consists of creating a viable economic activity to meet social and environmental needs which neither the state nor the market are able to meet by themselves.

It seeks to put economic efficiency at the service of the general interest.

Their leaders are above all motivated by general interest. Profit for them is a means, not an end in itself. They seek to reconcile private initiative and solidarity, entrepreneurship and willingness to make the economy more humane, with better profitability and wealth-sharing."

Extracts from Mouves' definition 

Daktari, a social and solidarity company

1. Solidarity products to promote fund-raising

Based on the principle of more responsible purchasing, these products have high fund-raising capacity and a proficient supply chain.

In our view, a product developed for solidarity purchase should always ensure a "market price" while preserving a mode of production and  supply that meets the conditions of social and environmental responsibility.

These products are designed as a tool for the development of fund-raising with a responsible approach.

2. Our commitment to the social and solidarity economy

In order to ensure complete consistency in our approach, Daktari is committed to Corporate Social Responsability (CSR) and the social and solidarity economy.

This commitment is to place our expertise and energy for the benefit of associations to foster repeated fund-raising and so to increase your funding sources.

3. The RASP symbol to help consumers identify products

The Responsible and Solidarity Products (RASP) symbol has been created to enable you to identify clearly products that demonstrate our commitment to social responsibility and solidarity. The factories are socially audited and their products have been designed to have a reduced environmental impact.